Alex Stock – MTB Enduro Pro, Interview.

British professional rider Alex Stock outside the world of MTB Enduro is not that well known. His presence at every SuperEnduro Pro race this year in Italy is testament to athletic determination and the growth of Enduro. He has managed to increase his level and also finished recently on the Maxi Avalanche Podium in 5th position.

It seems that his focus is Super Enduro though and he wants to win. We met him briefly last year at the Enduro of Nations and at the Super Enduro Pro in Punta Ala, he was quite a softly spoken sort, but apparently starts chatting more after a few beers.

His setup this year is with Kona bikes and he is sometimes racing alongside Karim Amour another famous Kona rider.

Alex has often talked about the difficulty of doing Enduro and because as a growing sport, rider awareness and technical support was hard to come by.

However this year Alex seems to be making it to the top positions and has some support that is building with him to hopefully becoming one of the top riders at the events he participates in.

Alex Managed to speak to us briefly at a SuperEnduro Pro event and let us know what he is doing…

Why do you ride Enduro?

I don’t really, I have ridden downhill in the past, then I crashed my car once and had to ride a road bike to work, 2 -1/2 hours a day, so I got quite fit and from that I started riding Enduro and quite enjoyed it.

How is Enduro?

You get to spend along time on the bike riding a lot of different tracks, which I like. I don’t get bored…

You doing every Pro Enduro race in Italy this year?

Yes, It seems to be the center of Enduro in Europe at the moment for me. The tracks are good and the organisation is amazing, with really friendly people. Also you cant cheat. There is no way to take short cuts etc. I have done races in the past where it is easy to cheat, I don’t really like that.

Which bike are you using and what’s your setup?

I am using a Kona Bike and I try to set it up efficiently for pedalling, but also efficient for carrying speed over bumps and hitting turns fast, without loosing speed.

Do you prefer to jump a bump or go around it?

Depends what it is really but I prefer to jump it.

Are you ultra competitive?

I don’t seem that competitive but I want to win… ( He confirmed this recently).

Where are you based?

Hopefully in France from June to concentrate on the season.

Thanks Alex!

Alex riding up one of the transfer sections of a recent race.

Carrying speed is Alex’s aim, in order to win.

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