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Andrea Bruno the 2011 Italian Champion is the man to beat in the Italian Super Enduro events, In the last pro event in Pogno he did not manage to come home as he wished and the Jersey passed to Davide Sottocornola, Andrea spoke to us about the event and what he is intending to do. However the next week he did manage to hammer home his ability by winning the sprint in Priero, just to make sure people understand he was down but not out.

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The Italian championship was a difficult one, how did it go for you?

I was super pumped for the race. I spent the week end before practicing on the race trails and I had very good feelings. I could push hard, really confident and ready to do well. I was looking forward to contend the Italian jersey and eager to get it once again. Unfortunately the weather just changed everything, I was not really ready for that much rain and I had to struggle since the “prologo” to get through those muddy and slippery trails.

What problems technical problems did you face with the difficult weather conditions?

I started for the prologo after 400 people went down the trail and I found very difficult conditions. I made a couple of minor mistakes and then a bigger one where I lost tons of time. I had to crawl in the mud to climb a small uphill and I had to literally throw my bike to the top. Then I had to pedal, even in downhill section, to get going.

My tyre choice (intermediate front and dry rear) was not so lucky and also in the pedaling section I had poor traction…

Finally I was tired out and out of energy in the last section, losing a lot of time.

It seems that a few seconds makes a difference, why is enduro racing so close considering that the stages are so long?

Well, in normal conditions this is a function of the higher level of competition. I am personally amazed that these short gaps occur between riders with different skills between each other. The explanation is only one: among top riders, everybody rides fast and everybody pedals hard. Somebody rides a bit faster and someone pedals a bit harder and the result is small gaps. Therefore, details can make the difference: lines, tyres choice, tactics for instance.

What is your aim for the next races?

Generally speaking I absolutely want to show that, even if I lost the jersey, I am the man to beat out there. It won’t be easy as my competitors are all good, fast and fit BUT I am super motivated to give them a hard time on the tracks.

I am eager to race the enduro of the nations in Sauze D’Oulx. This year the “Italian Team 1”  could be be super strong. I think Davide Sottocornola, Alex Lupato and I have shown good things so far while racing against foreign riders. I am confident we have a good team, we know and respect each other, we know the trail area and we are really motivated to bring the Italian flag as high as possible.

People, come and support us in Sauze d’Oulx!!!

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