Andy Bell – Running with Bulls and Cars…

A while back we interviewed Andy Bell and after quite a few thousand reads on our site we thought it would be interesting to update everyone on what he and Travis are doing from time to time.

It came to our attention yesterday that he liked to run with bulls in Pamplona… well nothing surprised us really, the Nitro guys are always looking for new thrills. However he decided to do it with his mum. How he managed to get his mum to do that we do not know!

Also over the last few weeks him and Travis have been doing a series of films called “On The Pace,” ¬†which we showed yesterday charting Travis’s move from two wheels to four. Well also it seems Andy has been moving up a gear and is now racing trucks… Hopefully on his next trip to Europe we will get him here and see how he can handle our trails…on a bike!


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