Demo 8 Carbon S-Works – Hurry Only 250 Left…

This bike is visually stunning, it is the carbon s-works from Specialized. It is probably one of the most unobtainable bikes around at the moment. The price… well apparently it hasn’t been decided yet but expect 10,000 euros/dollars plus.

Video Portrait


Specialized described it as a custom as close to handmade made production bike you can get. Well that is if you can get one. There have been 250 made. They say that it is possible next year they make more. This bike is an exact replica of the team riders bikes, with custom specialized parts inlcuding special grips, pedals and a custom rear wheel build and hub. This bike is special full stop. We will get to ride it soon, and report back, the geometry is customisable with 3 tuning positions, and is slightly lower than last years bike, that is apparently the way the team riders Sam Hill and Troy Brosnen like it.

The drive train is custom made 7 speed with a 32T up front to reduce risk of slamming rocks, and a 9T small up the back. The gear ratios are fairly wide between each shift to make sure the rider doesn’t have to shift too much.

The shocks and forks are custom black RockShox only available with this bike for this year. Other brands might follow next year.

The designer Jason Chamberlin spoke at length about how they developed the carbon frame and shaved 499 grams in weight off the design. He also explained the reinforcements and strength testing they did on the frame. By all accounts this frame is bomb proof and light.

We are looking forward to trying it soon…

They also introduced the more “affordable” 6000 euro demo 1, still an amazing bike which leaves us wanting more, hopefully we will get to try that as well tomorrow.

The Specialized guys sharing their knowledge.

Custom lock grips with custom made waffle design underneath.

The Demo 1 Carbon

Explaining the drive train system and how they made choices about the custom specifications for hubs and axle length, this bike is as close to the bike any pro uses that one can buy.

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