Euro Bike 2012 – Test Haibike Electric eQ Xduro FS RC 26″ MTB

Electric bikes are not viewed by everyone with enthusiasm, bronchi however with electric assisted bikes like that from Haibike those opinions might start to slowly change. There is no arguing with the market, cialis which has slowly grown over the last years and now when a product comes out that for the general everyday rider ticks all the boxes, health then they sell out. It seems that Haibike have achieved that with their eQ Xduro FS RC 26″ and soon to be released enduro range of longer travel electric assist bikes.

This concept might be the future…

Using a Bosch motor which has been inverted and placed in the centre of the frame, has allowed the designers to create something which despite the extra weight handles pretty well with excellent drive pickup and power delivery. The ride compared to a normal MTB all mountain is exceptionally good and is the closest anyone has come so far to producing a feeling that MTB riders will recognise. The concept of electric bikes in this sense has moved on again compared to a few years ago. The full suspension characteristics give a comfortable ride that for a cross country bike makes for good control and good impact absorption. Anyone can buy this bike and go and have a lot of fun with low effort, especially in the climbs.

The weight is concentrated low down and gives a good balance to the bike.

So what are the negatives to electric bikes? From our perspective in many ways they are the future, with purists probably arguing that they are not bikes… Yes they weigh more than a standard MTB, yes you have to recharge them, and yes the battery might run out if you try to do 50-100 km on 1 charge in high-power mode. They are expensive as well with this version retailing at €4000-€5000 euros, however it doesnt seem to have stopped people buying them with bikes selling as quickly as they can make them. Honestly though as far as creating fun factor for all and opening up previously difficult climbs to those less able and less willing to sweat, bikes like this are really going to move the world of MTB on a lot. There is no secret formula to battery weight yet, but with time and more development this will change, but as far as we can see it none of the perceived weight and battery issues will stop anyone having fun.

Video of Test

Is this a perfect electric bike? Well comparing to the rest of the market we think that for XC and Enduro, Haibike are getting extremely close. Time will tell and with the introduction of their Enduro tuned version with 140mm of travel, it could be that this will be the start of more people taking up more aggressive riding because they can cover greater distances and higher hills quicker.



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