Eurobike 2012 – Day 2

After getting lost in a seemingly endless exhibition hall trapped with no way out with thousands of people around, we started to take a look at a few interesting products on display. It seems that the show has so many technical products on offer it is hard to know what to look for. There is not one category it seems left untouched, every idea related to biking is here. However as always we looked towards enduro mainly and anything else special that caught our interest.

Photos of Day 2

5.10 were showing their new Enduro shoe for flat pedals. With a special sole and more slimed down lines.

Urge have another helmet on offer released at the show. It looks good, gives extra face protection down the sides and lets you breath.

This is the new Scott Voltage. Marco Tiberi who often rides in the Bandite and Massa when he hasn’t got broken hands wants one, beware though, it encourages you to go fast.

This also from Urge, the new All Mountain helmet. We want one it looks really great!

Choose a Mavic rim, hard and fast on the right, slow and soft on the left.

This is a helmet… Yes really an invisible helmet… It actually looks good and it seems to solve the helmet hair dilemma that has dogged people for years. Apparently it actually works as well…

Outside in the central square is one of the best looking dirt jump courses you can find, with no space spared around, there is something to look at everywhere you go for everyone.

Flip action on the dirt course.

This looks good, not too big and space for your stuff, from EVOC.

This is a high end 50mm stem that looks really nice from Thompson. Alessandro Bagnoli has one of these on his bike. This stem has an amazing finish.

A Fulcrum tubeless ready rim, the biggest question is how do you fit the spoke nipples, answers below, if you know you might be able to be Andrea Bruno’s Mechanic.

Who wouldn’t want this Troy Lee Designs styled Demo 8 S-works Carbon frame?

For those that are getting old and cant pedal up the hill, did you know it is possible to fit the Bionics rear electric drive system to any bike!

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