Eurobike 2014 – Perfect E-Bikes For Punta Ala

So here we are at Euro bike 2014,  the biggest cycle show on earth, literally. There are so many bikes to see it’s actually impossible to see them all. The best thing to do is spot trends, last year it was a few E-bikes, this year it’s E-bikes everywhere.

The general trend is that most come with a Bosch motor and battery system, so many in fact, that the order books are closed for the next year as they try and meet demand. With that many E-bikes on the market it’s clear that this is now an established trend that will start to stabilise and seize a larger and larger portion of the market.

We did the rounds at Eurobike and picked out the E-bikes that we think offer quality, and are the ideal trail bike for the Punta Ala area.


Mostache 29″ up front 27.5″ behind, serious quality finish.


Fun only, fat bike plus motor.


When Giant gets on board, you know it’s serious. except they are not using Bosch.


Another Mostache.


This was a custom design that turned a few heads. more of a moto than a bicycle.


A shorter travel trail bike variant from Bergamont.


Scott has done it’s homework and produced the Spark. It’s probably one of the best looking and lightest E-Bikes.


The motor is standard and the bike companies build around it in various forms.


So many E-bikes.


Flyer have moved to the Bosch system as well, this bike actually looks pretty good and seemed to have fairly good geometry.


Centurion with a more XC E-Bike.


Haibike always turns heads, although we would say they have fairly steep head tubes.


Lapierre’s E-bike is influenced by Nico Vouliouz.


Slick tyres ad ridged and you have a city whizz bike!


Cannondale has a lefty fork and E-Motor, interesting combination.


Last year this was the show stopper, although who ever set it up didnt think about how many spacers to use, a hack saw might be useful.

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