Eurobike 2014 – Perfect Trail Bikes For Punta Ala

In the second part of our Eurobike series of articles we have a look at the huge amount of trail bikes available and pick a few of the best that are ideal for the Punta Ala Trails.


NS Bikes, with a 140mm pure trail machine.


Marin have dropped their heavier rear trianlgle design for a more traditional 4 bar linkage.


Rocky Mountain showed their Altitude, trail machine.


GT just seem to have the look right.


This GT’s lowerend trail machine. An 120 mm trail bike.


The Cannondale Trigger, 140mm, Lefty, Pullshock, lots going on here.


Slightly lower spec Trigger with some cool colors.


GT’s higher end force, has a fairly long top tube.


Lee Cougan has a fairly technical look.


Rotwild, a german brand with a more XC full suspension trail bike.


Merida with their take on and Enduro style machine.


No doubting Scott and their experience, and here they have a 29″ trail bike.


This is Nino Schurter’s XC race bike, i’m sure he can make it go downhill fast as well as up.


An Enduro Spec race bike from Scott 170mm of travel and 27.5″ wheels.


Transition has transitioned… (sorry) to the a four bar linkage design which would give a more supple ride with their Covert replacement the Patriot.


Never forget these trail bikes from Lapierre have been influcenced by one of the greatest mountain bikers of all time, Nicol Voulliouz.


1 x 10 is the standard now for Enduro Bikes.


Intense have a really good looking white wall trail bike.


Canyon with their adaptive suspension managed to produce a bike which looks like Fabien Barel has had a lot of influence.


Pivot’s trail bikes have a superb finish quality.


Single pivot simplicity from Santa Cruz.


The tall boy from Santa Cruz.


The Juliana is aimed at female bike riders and supports all the Santa Cruz technology.

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