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For the past few months we have been using the new K-Pact knee pads from Ion bike. Ion has just entered the MTB bike clothing market in 2013. This is already a very competitive sector to try and enter. We have been sent a range of products to test and have started with what we consider the most important clothing accessory after good riding shorts.

The K-Pact pads are very flexible in design and compared to other brands of pads we have used they are certainly very comfortable. The knee pad is deformable under gentle forces but hard under impact forces on the main reinforcement panel area, which is easily removable for washing. Both sides of the knee pads have protection that covers a fairly broad area and all is held in place with easy to use velcro straps.

The fit of the pads is very good, they are very easy to position and fit a range of different people’s leg’s well, conforming to different body shapes well. Sizing seems accurate with the large size fitting a large person. Overall wear has been good with the pads showing no signs of degeneration or holes appearing after multiple washes and abrasive actions.

In use on All mountain trails and Enduro trails the pads have remained in place and are comfortable to use. Pedalling with them is easy and when crashing they have afforded the type of good protection they offer. They don’t slip and although tested in a hot environment they have a breathable rear panel section which aids comfort in the back of the knee joint.


Ion have produced a good quality product that is quite good value for money against the competition and is comfortable to wear and ride in. Styling is fairly conservative and suits most styles of riding gear. They are not bulky and conform well to the leg and when we have taken impacts with them they have protected our knees well. Compared to other knee pads we have used they are marginally less bulky and are ideal for pedalling in and they have not disintegrated like some brands have been known to do. All in all an excellent product that we would recommend for most styles of riding.

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