Marsh Guard – Test

After hours walking around Eurobike and seeing everything we made a dash to Leogang to hangout with all the pro downhill riders at the worldchampionships. Whilst we were there though we decided  to go for a quick blast on our Carbon Nomad test bike. One problem though it was raining and muddy.

However luck was at hand. We were sitting in the Santa Cruz tent chatting to Greg Minaar’s Mechanic Jason Marsh. He said, ” Oh you don’t have a mud guard…” we said, “No it doesn’t rain in Tuscany…” He then said, “Here try this, it was Greg’s…”

Fitted on the bike it is completely un-obtrusive.

After a few seconds he zippy tied it on to our bike and we were off. Made from a light weight plastic that fits in seconds and is pretty strong, a simple yet effective idea that worked really well, and stopped us getting mud in our faces. Really great alternative to the fork guards.

Oh and by our understand 50 percent of the downhill riders were using one.


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