Max Schumann, The Fastest German – Interview

Max Schumann is currently the fastest German rider in the emerging Enduro racing scene in Germany. He is a consistent rider that has been pushing his way to the top of the World Enduro scene and is getting steadily faster. He was in Punta Ala last summer training with the MTB-News.de team when we first got to know him. We caught up with him at the Mega Avalanche to see how the current Enduro season is going and find out what he thought about the first year of World Series racing so far.

Max Training in Punta Ala

As the fastest German rider on the Enduro World Series how has it gone so far?

The first races have been good fun actually, its really noticeable that the other riders have trained a lot during the winter, I’m riding a lot better than last year and the year before, but still don’t get much closer to the top guys, the whole level has increased.

Which race has been the best so far for you?

It is always hard to define best race, they really have all been very good, well organised and good fun, nice trails, hard trails in a certain way, from myself Alos was best for me but not far from Punta Ala. Alos had no pedaling up, so it was a really different format.

Whats a fairer way of racing, pedalling or lifts?

The racing is always mainly downhill under timed conditions, from my point of view I don’t know what is better, I don’t mind pedalling up. Of course though if there is a chair lift I like to ride up on that. I personally like the variation between races. Racing different formats is good. I would like to see the Mega Avalanche race in the World Series, I could imagine this as it is all kind of Enduro in style. I like long DH trail with some pedalling sections.

We called you the fastest German rider. What is the culture of MTB in Germany? Why are there no other German riders in the top 10, it is the biggest bike market in Europe and has more riders than another country, plus amazing terrain?

The main MTB scene in Germany is quite XC focused, and marathon, not as exciting as Enduro. The Enduro scene in Germany is quite young, we had our first series only in the last years. Before that there were very few races, the main reason why there are not really fast riders is because the sport is young and has just started to grow. I’m quite sure there will be some faster guys in the top 10. The fast guys that are in Germany need to get more experience racing to improve and train specifically for Enduro. Enduro races in Germany are also much shorter.

Video – Max Training in Punta Ala last Summer.

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Are the Italian races longer then?

Yes, the races and the tracks are longer most of the time. The German races are improving, but it is the second year now for the German race series.

Max has been using 650B wheels for the last year.

Your riding 650B wheels, do they really make a difference?

A 26″ bike is more playful, a bit slower on the high-speed sections, the 29er though is also fast in these sections but has disadvantages on tight corners and hard impacts, where the wheels are not quite a strong as 650B wheels and the bikes are very long. If you want to ride playful and do jumps on rocks and stones, 26″ is a good choice.

Whats your aim at the Mega Avalanche are you going to win?

I probably won’t win…(laughs) I will try my best. I did top twenty 2 years ago, I was happy and surprised about it. I feel very well on the glacier and training, I’m really looking forward to the race, and I think If I have no issues I can finish top 20, but it will be hard, I will try my best.

Thank you Max, good luck with the rest of the season.


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