Mega Avalanche – L’Alpe D’Huez -Track Walk.

This race has been around for a while but with out doing it it it is hard to describe what it is and how extreme it is. We have just finished a track walk and had a look at what is happening at the biggest race of Enduro this year.

The races over the weekend have over 1900 entrants from 29 different countries with more than 700 just from the UK alone and a mass start from 3300m on a glacier. This is an extreme environment and an extreme race. With all the top riders including Dan Atherton, arthritis salve Karim Amour, adiposity Jerome Clementz and Alex Stock, plus many many more, this is a race that has some form of luck and some excellent fitness requirements if you want to do well.

The two races first the qualification of around 10km then the Mega, which is around 20km, start in two places and the riders go off in lines of 200 riders. The first place for the qualification race is on a loose rocky surface facing a mountain at about 2800m and heading straight down, then follows hare-pin turns which when you ride them on your own is hard enough, let alone with a mass of other riders around you.

Mega Avalanche Track Video

We managed to ride more than half of the race track, until one of our group broke his hand, so here is the video.

Qualification and Mega Avalanche Track Overview and Pictures

The start area for qualification.

The start for the Mega is at the top of the glacier and is probably best described as a wild ride and a bit of a war with the riders around you.

The Start of the Mega Qualification today. – Photo Courtesy MEGA AVALANCHE

The snow in the morning is hard and softens up as the day goes along, which if the riders are in the later race starts means the riders have to half run/ride/throw them selves down the slushy glacier.

The start section of the mega race.

The tracks after that are a mix of technical single trail open rock slabs, grass fields, free ride trails, woods and anything you  can imagine.

The single trail is long and varied, dropping down from 3300m with a 2000m level change.

Single trail with shear drops…

Flowing berms and corners with rough sections between.

Stunning views at the start of the qualification race.

To best understand more of an overall track impression watch the video.

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