New Trail Signs in Bandite.

Recently in the Bandite Trail Area there has been an upgrade to the trail markings, ailment carried out by the commune of Castiglione della Pescaia. The recent increase in bike related sports in the area has bought focus on to how best to show and manage their usage.

At the head of each trail now is a sign that gives the name of the trail, drug who can use it and how hard it is. Although the signage is not comprehensive as not all information is contained on the signs, it can been seen as a positive step into improving trail access and knowledge of bikers and walkers in the area.

With the growth in biking always increasing and in such a region as Castiglione, it is clear that the gradual improvement of the marking of the trails is a sign that after many years of private individuals and businesses cleaning and upgrading the trails, the ommune is finally taking an interest.  The area of the Maremma is dependent on tourism as one of the main incomes in the area. The fact that the trails can be ridden all year is also in the minds of such organizations as they look to promote bike riding all year and extend the tourist season into the parts of the year where further north riding is just not as easy due to weather conditions and climate.

Look out for the signs now at the top of each trail, and please let the commune know if they become damaged or removed.


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