Nico Vouilloz – Interview Eurobike 2013

This year 2013 has been the year of Enduro Mountain Biking going global with the profile of the sport jumping significantly. The discipline has attracted all riders from across the spectrum, one of the most notable being Nico Vouilloz, One of the most highly decorated riders in MTB with more world titles than any other rider in gravity, he has been focusing on Enduro for the last few years after leaving the DH scene.

We managed to speak to him at Eurobike during his very busy schedule and ask him about what’s happening in his MTB career at the moment and his thoughts about the Enduro World Series as it stands at the end of 2013.

Here is our rapid fire question and answer session:

How is the hand? 

It’s getting better, hopefully after my knee operation I will be back in shape for the next season.

How has the first year been?

All the tracks have been very different, and the racing styles in all it has been a really great start.

Which track was the roughest/hardest on the circuit so far?

Punta Ala’s Rocco (PS2) I think was the roughest/hardest so far with some sections of the trails in Whistler also being very technical and rough.


Yes, Whistler had some rough technical sections but Rocco in Punta Ala was rough all the way down, quite a challenge, especially after the first 1 minute part with a pedal along the flat in and the final high speed pedal section at the end, it really tested fitness and skill.

What’s the best length for an Enduro race trail?

Around 6-10 minutes, longer is cool but matching our energy needs this timing is about perfect.

Do you like Electric bikes?

Yes, they are fun and something different to try, they let people climb up the roads who might not be able to do it otherwise. Lapierre have a new bike this year have you seen it? Also they are slower downhill than a normal bike as they are heavier and need controlling more, the electric factor balances out the bike at the lower and upper-end.

Whats an Ideal Enduro track?

Not too physical with some small uphill sections, but it should always generally mostly down. The hardest climb this year was in Val D’isere, very painful. There should not too much cross country or flat trails, the last trails in Punta Ala were a bit slow they should have only really been one trail there with another one on the mountain, the Climbs are tough though so a balance has to be made.

Thanks Nico!

No problems, I have to go! Ciao.

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