Product Test – Endura Humvee Shorts

The only thing that is possible to do to test shorts is to wear them, so we did, a lot. ¬†We washed them a lot, we didn’t wash them a lot when we forgot to, and we got them really muddy at times. We also crashed in them, we rode in the cold, the hot, the dry, practically all conditions, and we also paid for them ourselves. In all then how did they turn out?

Large pockets for gloves are a top feature of these shorts.

As far as riding shorts for enduro riding goes these are without a doubt great shorts. Really tough, very functional and good value in our opinion, considering how much we abused them. They have stood up to harsh abrasion and neglect. The large pockets on the side are a great feature, where you can store gloves or cans of beer if you are so inclined. The whole season we have never forgotten our gloves as they are always in our pockets.

The vents were very useful controlling temperature when riding, especially when it got hot.

Riding wise they are comfortable and give protection when you need it from abrasions with trees or the ground if you crash. The material has a ripstop pattern that did stop a number or tears progressing. The seat area on the back is robust and has not worn thin after 9 months of riding. Temperature considerations are that for 9 months of the year these shorts are great, we would say they are a little hot in high summer 30 degree riding. The inners are good as well and fit well to the rider and is a great combination for all day in the saddle. The sides also have vents which we used a lot to help us stay fresh and they work well. Drying time when wet is not bad considering the material is fairly robust.

These shorts have lasted very well in the seat area not wearing thin despite many abrasions.

So overall then after our long term test we highly recommend these shorts and think they are great value for money, they also look pretty good.



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