Santa Cruz Syndicate in Massa Marittima and Bandite

This week we have the Santa Cruz Syndicate testing Enduro bikes in The I-MTB trail areas. We will be doing a variety of things including riding, partying and generally ┬áhaving fun. Unfortunately webpage updates will be slow this week as we don’t have much time, but we hope to bring you a whole range of stories from the top riders and behind the scenes.

Rob Roskopp was worried about Cedric’s brakes not working so put the discs on himself.

Steve Peat is happy to scratch his ear when he needs to…Rob watches on. Cedric is trying to build his bike, but Steve Peat is a faster builder.

Jason Marsh, Greg Minaar’s Mechanic is in deep thought about how best to fix a headset problem.

Alessandro and Davide Bagnoli have played a vital part in setting up the bikes are pleased to ride with Rob, and do something else…

Rob Roskopp and Alex Boyce discuss the Tronkka Makkia trail.

Nick the Nomad designer is happy with Wild Boar

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