Santa Cruz’s Rob Roskopp Visits The I-MTB Trail Areas.

Today Rob Roskopp CEO (Grande Cappo) of Santa Cruz MTB and his wife  Lepa Roskopp made a flying visit to the I-MTB trail areas in the Maremma, Tuscany, Italy. He was trying out the enduro trails and seeing what they are like to ride.

Rob and Alessandro at the top of Poggio Sentinela where the SuperEnduro Pro trails start.

With the help of Alessandro Bagnoli and Francesco Guidi they were able to try trails Number 3, Rock-Oh and The Canyon. It was an action packed day and all enjoyed the riding.

Rob explained to Alessandro Bagnoli his ideas behind the Tall Boy frame.

Rob was also able to discuss his vision into the future and his next projects in vague detail as there are too many secrets! However he was able to explain to us his current product line and how they perform with relation to enduro trails and how to set up the bikes to get the best performance.

Rob checking out the road gap before jumping.

The trails ridden were a good combination in order to understand the area and what’s possible, with XC, enduro and expert riders.

Fillipo was able to show his skills on the electric bike.

Rob was also interested in the electric bike concept and was able to appreciate the possible advantages that it can give all comers to the sport. Of course wheelies are his priority so he was learning how to… from guide Fillipo.

4 Nomads…

The bikes we used for the day were 4 Nomads each with a different setup, with Rob on the full carbon with light weight Protone parts setup and a Fox 36 float fork, he mentioned how it was a light-weight setup and idea for pedaling.

Thanks go to all the staff at Camping Puntala Resort and Massa Vecchia, for helping organise the trail demo day.

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