Specialized EMT Pro Mulit Tool – Product Focus

Specialized as a full line bike component company has many small products in its line up that show quality production and great usability. This EMT pro multi tool is one such item they produce.

It is a very light tool (104g) that contains many useful features. The size is such that you can carry it anywhere on your bike or person and not notice it. It has all the major size hexagonal keys and chain breaker tool, it even has a brake pad spreader and a bottle opener. Also to add to this it is possible to reconfigure the tool layout as you so wish by undoing the retaining bolts.

We have used this tool over the last few months extensively and have been very impressed with it despite our best attempts to use it in extreme conditions. It has lasted well and is very durable.

When choosing trail tools we would recommend this one highly and got very upset when we thought we had lost it one day, that is how much we like this tool.

More info here on Specialized’s website.

EMT Pro MTB  Tool РSpecialized

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