Specialized Henge Expert – Review

Specialized have a large range of mountain bike saddles with the Henge Expert sitting in the middle of the range.

Saddles are normally a personal choice with every rider having his favourite, however in the case of this saddle we have yet to have a rider who tried it, who didn’t like it.

With a fairly broad yet flat nose and a fairly broad seat area, the saddle gives out a misconception of being heavy, however under the skin is a carbon reinforced body and the rails are hollow titanium. Meaning it weighs in at just 221g and which is actually very light despite the apparent larger form compared to other saddles we have used.

Once you sit on it all becomes clear, this saddle is comfortable, very comfortable. The saddle is designed with Specialized body geometry technology to ensure there is no pressure in the wrong places.

The cover is robust and very resistant to dirt and grime, with a texture that allowed comfortable body repositioning easily.

More specifications here.


On the trail after many hours, we can say the saddle performed well. There was no need to stop to rest your backside, due to pressure in the wrong places.

This is now our favourite Enduro/All Mountain saddle. It is light, strong, looks good and yet is very comfortable for all the riders who have tried it with us so far.

At around €100 it is at a price point where you know you are getting quality yet not breaking the bank. The comfort and weight are good enough to consider this as a racing saddle, where you can spend all day sitting on it and at the same time it wont restrict your performance. After a while we stopped noticing it, when that happens we know we have found a “go to,” product.

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