SRAM XX1 (1 x 11) Short Test

Not long ago we did a bike check on Jerome Clementz’s training bike. This time we managed to see his race bike which also has the 1 x 11 installed on it. We also managed to steal it briefly and have a quick ride and test the gear and chain system.

Video Bike Check


Jerome is very proud of his new 1 x 11 system, which he says works really well.

The large 42 tooth sprocket up close, it is about the same size as his brake disc, and surprisingly doesn’t look that strange at all.

The pin shape on the front chain ring really held the chain on solidly.

All in all the system worked really well the gear changes felt incredibly precise, and in our opinion more precise than any other system we have tried. The changes down from 1st to 2nd, 3rd etc were really surprising how good they were even under load. The ratio advantage with one system is great and greatly simplifies the bike’s drive train.

After trying this we would consider the 1×11 system a serious thing to consider changing to. In combination with the front ring the chain felt really solidly on the chain ring, despite the fact there was no chain guide. We look forward to more from this system in the future, and getting it on our own bike.

Thanks go to Jerome for letting us have a quick ride, as it is possible to imagine Jerome is very protective of his bike.

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