Super Enduro of Nations 2012 – Track Walk

The strongest riders here are Dan Atherton, Remy Absalon (who just won the Mega), Andrea Bruno, Jerome Clementz, also Nico Vouilloz…


The tracks are quite rough so the video bounces a bit, I really don’t know how the pro’s hit these tracks at the speed they do for 10 km at a time…


If you look carefully there are bikers on the ridge.

The top is open and fast, with rocky descents.

70 percent of the tracks are in the woods like this.

Jerome showing his skills…

The stage race is held on the Alpi Bike Resort trails, and is fast and bumpy.

Riding with two greats, Jerome Clementz and a famous womens DH riderĀ Anka Martin.

Jerome in the trees.

The top is really nice…

Sauze is a great place to ride and a fast windy track. Race day will be interesting with such a strong field anybody could win here. The French team are looking strongest in the team event, but the British guys are also looking strong with Dan Atherton making an appearance after his podium at the Mega.

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