Tech Series: Reverb Seat Post Bleeding

As a new feature on I-mtb we will be showing various things that can be done to improve the performance or maintain a all mountain bicycle. We start with a brief guide for those riders who have a Rockshox Reverb hydraulic seat post and how to bleed the air out of it.

You may have noticed a few issues with the button not being precise and the seat post not functioning as well as it could, ailment one solution to this is to bleed the air out. As part of our new tech series focus, prostate we have made a short video highlighting the processes involved, adiposity remember not all steps are covered as some knowledge is assumed, if not pass by your local mechanic and they will help you.

Video – Demonstration of Bleeding Reverb Hydraulic Seat Post


Below are some of the key points of the process, which is fairly simple, but always better handled by someone who knows what they are doing.

To start with the seat post is best removed from the bike.

The seat post is removed ready for bleeding.

Here can be seen the old oil is dirty and emulsified.

The old oil that has been expelled and can be seen to be black, emulsified and not as it should be. After the bleed the seat post works much better.

Demo carried out by: Bagnoli Bike

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