Video 2- Report Super Enduro 2012

So some where in between entertaining, showing people around and all the other madness of the last weekend we managed to collect enough video footage to put together a short but hopefully enjoyable video for everyone to see.



The Super Enduro event went off with out a hitch, with the race coming down to only 3 seconds over the top 4 riders. Which taking into consideration the length of timed sections at 18 minutes is quite a spectacular result. In real terms it means that Andrea Bruno pushed just a little bit harder or found a few extra km/hr of speed in certain sections to make the difference. One aspect of the race that probably might have made a big difference were the short but taxing climbs on PS 3 and PS 1, if for a split second a rider gave up they lost time, in fact these points on the course plus the technical challenges of PS 2 would have made the big differences.

Looking back at the times compared to the previous years Andrea Bruno managed to find an extra 30 seconds on PS 2, which is quite stunning. The trails have been cleaned somewhat more allowing a slightly faster line, but the pre race controversy of the race directors changing the start from the top of Monte Stella to the same start position of 2011, did allow a time comparison to be made. In this case their decision might have helped those riders who rode the course last year as although time has passed, the impression of the PS probably remains in a racers mind. The original start was to be 100 metres higher and took in some nice twists and turns down the hill, but the climb up was deemed to be very hard after the long transfer so was changed. Despite this change all the riders seemed happy with the PS 2 and the professional technical challenge that it offers.

Dan Atherton was quoted as saying, “PS 2 is like a UCI World Cup XC at the start followed by a UCI World Cup DH at he bottom, open it up a bit and you have a full on downhill course…I haven’t ridden a trail like that in a while, I really liked it.”

When chatting to Andrea Bruno the winner of the event, and hearing about his technical choices, it was clear that the top pro’s were unsure of what to do on race day. Andrea started his training day’s by going for a light weight frame and fork, to combat the risk of the race being a wet race. However at the last moment he switched back to his heavier weight choice as conditions remained dry, on his win he was very happy and said, “I cried when I crossed the line, I had so much to deal with this weekend trying to get the bike in order, and recovering from a hard week working plus training, it was very emotional.”

The suspension choices of Alex Stock pumping his suspension up hard, made it clear he was intending on going fast and hitting things hard, unfortunately his ridding buddy Paul Aston suffered a technical failure on PS 1 and had to limp back to the pits and was out of the race, it was noted that he switched from a coil shock to an air shock, suggesting he had similar thoughts to Andrea Bruno on weight in the wet.

The riders are now looking forward to the next round and have left Bandite Trail Area with a legacy of great times had and great ridding done, we will see what next year brings…


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