MTB Trail Difficulty: difficult

Bandite trail area trail #301

301 Tom’s Trail

This is one of our special trails, that was discovered by Thomas Daddi, and on his own he marked this track out. The track origins are from and old abandoned pack horse trail, that now has been formed into one of the best trails in the area.

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Trail Description

The first part of the trail is very fast and winding with lots of off camber corners where it is easy to make a mistake and finish off the ideal line. This track can be difficult at times.

At some point the trail crosses with 31 where there is a small descent and charcoal clearing however at this point though the trail leaves 31 and after a short pedal on the level.

The trail begins to drop again, this is the most technical part of the trail, where it is steeper and many lines are possible.

It is easy to go off the idle line, as tight corners mean it is better to hold the ideal line to maintain speed.

Hold a good line even in rocky sections.

At the end of this section is a small climb, then from here is a long stretch all downhill.

The first part is slow and tortuous, with the second part being more formed with corners where its possible to slide the bike around with others to anticipate in order to make small short cuts with the line.

Overall it is fun and will leave you with a smile on your face.

The trail finishes on the gravel forest road Vicinale della Zinghera next to the barrier of the Acqua Viva.

Date last maintained:  20 January 2012

MTB trail within the Bandite trail area

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This trail can be described as:  fast, flowing, muddy, technical

4.00 stars as rated by 12 riders

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