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Bandite trail area trail #30A

30A “Rock-Oh”

When this trail was first cleaned, immediately it was understood it was the toughest, longest and technically hardest trail in the Bandite Trail Area.

Trail Video and Highlights

Video of Dan Atherton on the Trail.

The trail in easy to see mode…

Trail Description

This is the longest and technically hardest trail in Bandite. From Monte di Stella, down to Val Molina you have very little space to breath or rest your muscles. One could think that it was made to test how well trained you are.

Starting from the number 33 gravel forest road, between Monte di Stella and Buca della Neve, the first part is up and down for around 200 metres, nothing difficult with a few curves where you can slide out the bike. From the top of Monte Stella the trail really starts to drop.

The trail is always downwards with some steep parts. At some point you leave the rocky channel that takes you down and ride on a fast smoother part before starting the descent again. Here you have some steep curves and you enter the technical zone.

Here it is very rocky and a bit slower. The surface is loose in places and sliding is possible. This is followed by a calm section then a second technical part. Here you pass a rock channel that has suggestive variations and lines. There are many curves one after another then the second part is finished. The next part is briefly level before the trail drops again, and you need all your skill to take on the most physical part of the trail. This part is rocky, with eroded curves and drops, with some off camber sections. It is better for sure to take this trail slower the first time to learn it.

Once passing the off camber channel in the rock, the technical part is finished. Then you have two possibilities. you can go straight or turn right. If you go straight you must pedal a little through a long tunnel in the trees, with a fun trail.

If you turn right, there is first a fast section with fast corners, then a small river jump and a quick steep climb for 10 metres then a fast technical section. Both variations in the trail finish on the same tarmac road not far from a nice place to eat.

Date last maintained:  28 February 2012

MTB trail within the Bandite trail area

Tours this trail is featured on:  The Tough One,

This trail can be described as:  hard, rocky, very_technical, very_physical

4.00 stars as rated by 9 riders

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