Welcome to the beautiful Tuscan region of Italy

I-MTB is part of Punta Ala Trail Center, in Tuscany, Italy. It is an area rich in mountain biking, abundant with forests and beaches and bathed in sunshine and great culture.

This area is unique, the climate is very stable all year with low rainfall and more than 200 days of sunshine a year. The mountainous terrain and formation of the land and natural usage has created some of the best MTB enduro trails in Italy. It is possible to ride all year, with the ground conditions being dry 90 percent of the time.

The trail areas have a wide variety of trails from easy cross country to hard downhill enduro.

Some of the tracks are also good for pure downhill.

The idea behind this site is to give the maximum amount of information possible allowing everyone to come and ride. The trail areas are all completely free to access and in a peaceful natural environment. The trails are maintained by riders and the forestry service.

If you have never ridden in the area before the information on this site will help you find the trails and also services such as a local riding guide that will help you get more enjoyment from the trail areas and allow more efficient independent riding and touring.

The area is probably one of the best places you could ride in all year. The ability level of the rider is unimportant as there are trails for all ages and abilities. It is possible to ride for an hour or for a whole day. It is possible to ride and see no one, or ride and stop off at bars and restaurants on your bike tour.

The Ideal bike to use in the area off road is a mountain bike, the nature of some of the more extreme trails, if you want to ride them, means that it is advisable to have some form of suspension and a bike setup that allows you to ride downhill more easily. Safety gear is recommended on all trails.

The roads in this area are also ideal for road bikers as there is a very low amount of traffic and some amazing rides possible with every type of climb or flat section possible giving great overall training for those who wish to do some training on road.

The area is also great for families so it is possible to create tours that can satisfy all members of the family. After riding there are many things to do for families in the area, on the beaches and at all the other tourist points of interest.

Enjoy the ride. I-MTB.

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