Amiata - Trails Prepared and Ready for the Season.

The Amiata is one hour from the Bandite Trail area and has a different feel to the riding area, as it is 1745 metres high on the top of an old volcano. WE had a look around the trails and shot a few riderrs, to see what is happening this year. The Amiata Freeride have just finished cleaning the trails for the start of this season, and with a clear freeride and DH feel to the area the trails are pretty amazing. Interestingly though they are rideable by all levels of rider and offere great flow as well with the “Lunga” being nearly 9 km long through the woods. The trails are serviced by a lift service on the road and can be booked, or if you feel like it access is easy by pedaling. We put together a range of mterial showing whats happening on and around the Amiata this year!

Video - Gravity Race Cup

Gravity Race Cup - #5 Monte Amiata (SI) from Gravity Race on Vimeo.

Photo Story

140618_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-114

At 1734 metres and with 3 trails one which is 9km in length there is plenty to ride on the Amiata.

140618_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-112

Spring time mountain flowers on the extinct volcano.

140618_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-106

The top around the trail starts is a great place to walk and easily accessible with the car.

140618_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-116

This year there is no large jump at the end, bu the trail has been really well cleaned and is very good fun to ride.

140618_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-98

Yes this is a ski resort in winter.

140618_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-73

Amiata Freeride have made some great track works this year.

140618_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-58

small jumps, (or long if you ride fast), with long sweeping corners.

140618_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-53

A double step down.

140618_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-7

Perfect track conditions.

140618_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-4

Another long sweeping corner.

140618_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-3

The start of the tracks are ride able by all types of people.

The downhill track is for all levels of rider, including those who like to jump.

The downhill track is for all levels of rider, including those who like to jump.

130623_Amiata_raceday_Canon EOS 7D_0001-65

Alessandro Bagnoli, shows how to ride the corners.

Perfect area for family fun and even the kids on some trails!

Perfect area for family fun and even the kids on some trails!

130623_Amiata_raceday_Canon EOS 7D_0001-97

On event days there is a large number of people enjoying the temperatures and beautiful location.

130623_Amiata_raceday_Canon EOS 7D_0001-168

The technical race trail is there for all to try who want to.

140618_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-125

The rock climbing in the area is pretty good as well.

Video - Action on the Amiata

Gravity Cup Amiata from I-MTB on Vimeo.


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