Andreu Lacondeguy, “I like to ride…”

Andreu is probably one of the most interesting riders from MTB you could ever meet, he has done more crazy things with a bike than most and will do more, his video/tv character is exactly as you find him in reality.

His enthusiasm for everything is impressive and slightly un-nerving at the same time. In freestyle or slope style this guy is really the man that wins in front of the crowd even if he doesn’t win, although he doesn’t like to compete and thinks it’s all a bit of a waste of time. There is no doubt he is talented and a great rider, he has built a crazily huge drop-in tower leading to a 14 metre jump in his practice compound, suggesting there is more to come…

He says what he thinks and rides like no other and loves to show what he can do, I-MTB spoke to him at the masters of dirt event in Vienna, Austria to try and understand him a bit better…

This is a serious interview…

Really? ahhh ok…

Why MTB and Why Moto? Why do you do these sports?

Ummm I don’t know I think it’s because I have a lot of fun doing it, on days like today (he hurt his knee), I ask myself the same question. My knee hurts i’m all sore, far from home, but it’s fun, fun is the main reason. The only thing that can take me away from this sport are injuries, or a really hot girl friend, nahh not even…

What do you enjoy to do on a bike?

On a bike a 360 and on a moto a double seat grab. Oh yer, double grabs are the best fun, also whips are sick, because they are always different.

Compared to other very good riders you give the impression that you are giving more, what’s going on?

I think i’m when riding im just riding, i’m only riding. I dont care about anything else, just riding, maybe other riders when they are riding are thinking of other things at the same time, I just ride man. Edgar Torronteras, when he is riding, he is riding… not thinking.

In the show yesterday you did a manual off the bottom of the ramp after doing a double backflip and front flip, these little things are your expressions?

I think im just riding, that’s how it would be with no crowd, at home, the same.

The bikes your using, which one do you prefer?

I think masters of dirt is my favourite show in the year as I get to ride both on the same day, sometimes I fly somewhere to ride my MTB, it can be fun but not as cool as doing both like here.

No full face helmet on the MTB ramps this year why?

I’m stupid, everyone should wear a full face. Actually no, open face is better because girls can see your face and recognise you at the after party! Ha ha ha…

Do you get trick ideas from other riders?

Everyone, I learn stuff from everyone every time I ride. There is always someone who has something that you dont know how to do, and you just learn it. Especially on my moto.

What about the drop in tower in you new compound?

I just built some new jumps there, like I needed a spot where I can practice, and I built the biggest jumps ever, I ride them everyday. Then when I come to places like this, where the first jump is a big gap but it is half of the size of jumps at my house, so it means where ever I go I will always find an easier jump.

When your away from home then, are you on holiday?

No not really, when you are places like this you are riding with other people and pushing hard.

I hurt my knee I dont from what, (he shows it and it is swollen up.) I think the landing was a bit hard on the first double flip I landed a bit flat. When the show was over yesterday I wanted to keep riding for 2 more hours.

Also Thomas Pages was whipping so much going backwards one handed and I thought he was going to crash, but he grabbed the bar, and im like…what!

Are you patient with injuries?

I think it is like this, we are flipping and jumping different bikes over 20 metre gaps, we are going to get hurt and there is nothing you can do about it. It’s the sport. People that crash and get angry, I hate that, I mean what do you expect? If you do big tricks, you should expect to get hurt.


From: Barcelona.
Age : 23
Bike : YT Industires.

Andreu going big and extended.

Andreu with Heath Frisby (the first guy to front flip a snow mobile).

A calm moment in the studio.

Andreu whipping his moto.

Masters of Dirt Video 2012

Andreu doing some back yard training.

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