Cala Violina Mix

This tour takes in the 5 trails that are concentrated near the bay of Cala Violina and are encompased by trail number 3.

From trail number 3 it is possible to go on each of the trails in turn and then climb back up to the top of the next trail. In around 2 hours you can ride some really fun trails. Linking them up gives a good variation and some exciting moments, with sea views.

These trails are generally easy to access, with some fitness required to pedal to the top of Poggio Sentinella using a new trail cut for climbing called Carlito’s way. From here you can access 3 different trails downwards. You can use a XC bike or Enduro bike, these trails are very close to PuntAla camping resort. After a few rounds on the trails you can relax on the beach at Cala Violina before heading home.


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