Cedric Gracia - First Time DH Since Crash.

Today in the Bandite trail area Cedric Gracia managed a run, amongst all the Enduro we have been riding, sample on is downhill bike. For a first time he was a bit sketchy and slow but after following Peaty for a while he was able to get up to speed and hit the track with confidence. After a few runs the Enduro group enjoyed  a plate of pasta…

Cedric Managed a DH run on his bike, first time since his crash…

Peaty was on hand checking out lines and learning the track.

Rob Roskopp and Alex Boyce watched on from the convenient seat left by the side of the road.

Marco Tiberi was the track guide today.

The views over the valley were stunning. Perfect Enduro trails all around.

Lunch was the most important meal of the day….

Cedric enjoying his lunch….

Great food service by Massa Vecchia…

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