Cedric the Pump Track King.

I thought that pump tracks were for old people… who need to practice, then I saw Cedric flying around, he is only 11 and the number 2 BMX racer in Switzerland (in his category). In fact once you have seen his style you might think it is time to retire and leave the kids to it.

This day was the demo day for the all to see what can be done, with Thomas Frishneck’s son also showing supreme style whipping and no handing over a few of the jumps. I really felt like a large elephant going around the track.

Pump tracks are designed to help riders learn the skills needed to ride on the real trails and at the same time are a lot of fun. One thing though that seems to be clear is that the more time passes the better successive generations become at riding.

Anyway time to stop talking and let the super stars of tomorrow talk…

Who are you?


Where are you from?


What do you ride?


How long you been riding?

Six years.

Do you compete? 

Yes, everywhere…and the world champs.

Why do you ride BMX?

I saw a friend doing it and thought it was cool.


Honestly probably one of the best interviews I have ever done, straight to the point, no talking rubbish a seriously cool kid, I think he will go far…

Here is the pump track

See you there one day at Massa Vecchia the pump track is free to use remember!

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