Down Town - Prologue SuperEnduro Pro 2

A dream for a while was to host a down town MTB race, with the Super Enduro by Sram it is now possible.  The place will be Castiligone della Pescaia, the date the 5th of May, check out the pictures and videos of the course…

Course Video

It will be technical and fast, with riders requiring careful skill in order not to fall or slide.

The race will take in the beautiful castle and the riders will be able to see the beach and coastline of the Maremma as they push the limits into the centre of the town. 

There are a couple of stairs that need to be negotiated and one with two route options.

Low bridges at high speed.

Technical switch back through the arches.

Through the town past the main pubs and bars.

The Finish will be in the square at the centre of Castiligone della Pescaia.

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