Enduro World Series Finale - Team I-MTB For The Win…

The last race of the season is here in Finale Ligure, Team I-mtb is present ready to try and take a few points, the best hope for a high placed rider is Marco Ceni, followed by Alessandro Bagnoli, or is it the other way round? ;-)

Team I-MTB lead by the fastest rider Marco Ceni.

The big guys are all here, including the Syndicate’s Steve Peat.

Mary will be representing the women, super fast uphill, some skills down hill, the best registration secretary in the world.

Just to prove that it works, Josh Bryceland will be racing on his Santa Cruz Solo…

For those who need one last look at the challenge ahead, have a look at the trail videos below, 2500 metres of climbing and 60km of trails, survival of the fittest. We are interested to see how Nino Schurter does and also Marco Fontana. Champions already in their own right, here for fun with an edge of seriousness. See you all at the finish…

Trail Videos Finale Ligure

Stage 1

Stage 2 and 6

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5 - Featuring Andrea Bruno at Pro Rider Speeds

Results on SuperenduroMTB.

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