European Enduro Series - Punta Ala 2014

The time is fast apporaching for the European Enduro Series first round in Punta Ala. After the success of the first round of the Enduro World Series, the European Enduro Series is the perfect point for which the season of series racing can start. With a slightly different format to Super Enduro and a sophisticated electronic timing system, online the European Series takes place on some incredible tracks.

Racing takes place on the 19th and 20th of April 2014.

Staying on Location is generally the best idea as the racing is all local and there is always a great atmosphere. Camping Punta Ala, check Stay on Location.

The rules are different this year for the European Series it is worth reading information about them. Rules.

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Trails finishing by the coast are a feature of the racing, and are of a level for most riders.

Video Of Location

Race Location Background

We have put together a few pictures that help give an idea of the location and the atmosphere, that is ideal for all levels of rider.

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With some technical trails it is possible to test the equipment not just the rider

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The transfers are often through some stunning countryside.

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With two days of training previously on the tracks the racing is safe and at the same time still “Enduro”.

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A few pro riders will probably be there… accommodation on race location is convenient and perfect for the biker who likes to wake up in the woods.

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The trail will be clearly marked with the ability to cut the track zero as there are simply no short cuts.

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Trail building has been full speed with the entire trail area now in amazing condition and ready for racing.

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Some shuttling will be allowed up to certain points for pre-race training. Important to organize before though to make sure there is space.

European Enduro Series Website

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