Fabien Barel - Spot Check and Ride in Punta Ala

The Enduro World Series for 2013 has risen the profile of the Bandite Trail Area significantly over the last few months. Many riders want to come down and test the trail area out themselves. Although the official race trails have not yet been published and no-one knows which ones will be used, the desire to see the area is huge amongst top professionals. This last week Fabien Barel who recently announced his participation as part of Canyon factory racing wanted to sample the trails in the area.


Punta Ala reco Enduro World Series

Riding a number of trails including those in Massa Marittima, he was impressed with what is on offer and the quality of what is available for all ability levels.

Camping Punta Ala, Massa Vecchia, and I-mtb together with Bagnoli Bike hosted them and shuttled a number of trails including the famous Canyon trail in Massa Marittima.

Photos of Fabien’s Visit

Trying to understand how good riders like Fabien are is difficult, riding with them is the only way.

Bikes and castles, near Scarlino.

Fillipo Pezzi was on hand from Massa Vecchia to show his skills and ride with Fabien.

Riding in the new shuttle from Bagnoli Bike was comfortable.

Fabien Barel with his new hat…well its the bike that is important, but the brand is also important.

Fabien was able to show young pretender Theo how to ride technical sections at speed.

With experience comes style, Fabien is a focused rider and has his bike setup just so.

Davide Bagnoli was present and checked all the bikes between runs.

Fabien again making riding look easy, he did say, “I’m not very good at wheelies.”

Davide takes a closer look at Fabiens new bike, it was clear that this was a professional’s bike. Everything was tuned.

Lunch at the Vecchio Torre was well deserved.

Alessandro Bagnoli followed Fabien down the trail fast.

As we were riding for fun there was time to take in the views across to the island of Elba.

Trail 301 has lots of flow and Fabien thought it was an amazing trail.

Just before dinner a signing session took place at Bagnoli Bike Shop.

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