Follonica Trail Area - First Look

The area around Follonica in the Maremma, treatment Tuscany up to now has been un-published. Expanding on what we actually know to be present and what has been published we thought it would be a good idea to show more of the bike areas and trails. Only 15 km from The Bandite Trail Area, and with massive potential we rode one of the few cleaned trails that are currently present. Despite the relative newness of the trails some local races have been held there already. We put together a short video to show the typical trails and a few pictures that show the expanse of beautiful places to ride in Tuscany is almost infinite.

Video - Follonica Trail Area First Look

Follonica Trail Area from I-MTB on Vimeo.

Photos of the Trails


Classic easy going Follonica Trail area trails.


The Entrance to one of the trails.


Easy riding for all types of bikes, trail bikes are probably best.


Trails are characteristically smooth, maybe a few rocks, but very sparse.


High speed through tunnels of trees… yes!


The trails are interconnected by fire breaks and beautiful scenery.


Looking back across Follonica bay towards Punta Ala and the Bandite Trail area, these hills are slightly easier to pedal and a bit lower at 300 metres.

GPS File https://www.dropbox.com/s/lws7n2h3tg530t9/Follonica.gpx

Trail Builders for more info www.surfrelax.it

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