General Lee 40T - Cassette Adaptor (Shimano)

Finally after many queries and questions the General Lee Cassette adaptor made for Shimano SLX and XT cassettes has been launched. I-mtb has had an exclusive look at the product and a first test.

Up until now only a SRAM version has been available in the market. The idea of the adaptor is to replace the largest three sprockets of the Shimano cassette with the the Leonardi Factory, General Lee 40T adaptor. The version we were given to try fits SLX and XT 10 speed cassettes only.

Video - Setup Notes

Product Photos

With a high quality CNC’d back design the adaptor is very light.

Shimano compatibility for SLX and XT cassettes increasing largest rear cog to 40T.

It simply replaces the original largest sprockets on Shimano Cassettes.

Perfect spacing for compatibility with Shimano changers.

Some adjustment of the mech is needed to ensure smooth changing, also chain length must be correct to allow for the extra movement on to the large 40T sprocket.

Installation Observations

We noticed a number of key points when installing the system compared to the  SRAM version. Firstly the spacing for the Shimano mech is different on the back therefore it is important to use the B-Tension screw to obtain the optimum adjustment. Secondly gear cables must be clean, smooth operating and all changer parts should be straight and the gear frame hanger should not be bent. Thirdly in our tests it was noted that medium cage derailleurs work best with the best as well as Long cage versions. Short cage is a no go.

Why This Adaptor?

Shimano have been slow to the 1×10 party and have not produced a similar system to SRAM’s XX1 system yet. Also the costs are likely to be very high. Here we have a system that costs 10 percent of the price of an XX1 system, works almost as good as an original setup and brings gear ratio advantages to 1×10 users. The Italian design house that produced this has therefore covered the gap until the larger rear cassette systems become available at a cheaper prices. €123 euros is a good price compared to the €1500 needed for the complete SRAM solution.


Gears can be strange things and getting perfect changes can be difficult, this system seems to work well and our SRAM version has been fairly good so far. They are almost as smooth changing as the original parts they replace, obviously there are compromises to be made with having the derailleurs working beyond their design characteristics, but with correct adjustment by someone who knows we have had pretty good trouble free operation. Down shifting is always smooth upshifting sometimes not as smooth when the chain makes the first large jump, but nothing that cant be handled by a bit of feel in the gear lever. The system was originally designed for XC use however on Enduro bikes it seems to be ideal no reported problems yet.

Compared to the SRAM version we have been using we would say the Shimano version shifts are slightly smoother if used with a new chain and jockey wheels. We await to see what the big two do in the future until then for those who like to play and try things this is a good halfway house.

Available from www.bagnolibike.com

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