Gravity Race Amiata - Practice Day

Today was practice day on the Amiata, mind Emiliano and his crew have done a 100 percent job preparing for the competition.

Video Track Walk

Photo Report
The first thing the riders do is ride up with the shuttle service.

After a quick right left the trail enters into the woods where riders are faced with a number of choices of lines…

A few corners and jumps later and you get to this… a rock wall ride that then drops you down the trail ready for a few difficult twisting s-bends.

The wall ride looking the other way.

After the open section you have  a the start of the wooded technical section.

The ground was in good condition, tyres that bite are a good idea as it is quite soft and by the end of the day was wearing in well.

A rider in the woods, about to take on the section where there is a large wet slippery rock.

Line choice in this section is essential, get it wrong and your rhythm will be upset and you will go slower.

After a few more jumps the finish invites those who can, to whip…

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