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Greg Minaar is a Pro Racer from South Africa. Currently Ranking number 2 in the world in DH he was one of the only riders to win a race last year apart from Aaron Gwin. He is one of the more experienced riders on the track and has taken the sport through various stages of development and currently works with the Santa Cruz Syndicate MTB team. Greg took time out from his busy winter testing schedule to answer a few questions.

Greg Racing - UCI World Cup Italy.

How was last season for you?

I’m not complaining, finishing 2nd is good, but I think I felt in no mans land… Aaron was too far ahead and there was no one behind me… kinda boring.

What are your plans for next year?

Syndicate all the way, I have a couple new sponsors like O’Neal and Iron Fist, so things are fresh and full steam ahead

When you are racing are you developing bikes at the same time?

Yea we developing all the time…

What’s you thoughts on 29er in DH?

I would have to try it to judge it, right now im a 26 man!

How could the technical side of the sport be further improved for you? Brakes that never overheat? Better suspension? what s the golden bullet?

The Golden Bullet would be a body that would never get tired or fatigued!

You’ve been on the scene for 10 years or more, in that time the clothing got cooler for sure, what else has changed for you?

Our clothing does look good, we, the bikes have changed loads over the years. (sic) I pulled my 2001 world cup winning bike out the other day, I don’t know how we did what we did on those bikes.

What do you think about the younger riders performance, and how about Danny Hart’s World Championship ride, You were up there with the top times, is he way ahead or is he a wet weather specialist?

Danny had a great ride at worlds, he risked all and stayed on, everyone else put it down.

Within your training how do you use all Mountain as part of your regime, or do you just DH only?

All mountain is great, especially when you have a Blur TRC. My XC rides are pretty extreme.

Your dream DH course is???

Fast, big jumps, no brakes…

You like to float down, or prefer technical rough stuff?

Either or, its all a challenge, but i do prefer the faster tracks.

What’s the best ride you’ve had so far in your life?

This 10 year plus ride of being a pro Mountainbiker


More info on Greg on his site.


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