Jerome Clementz - Interview

Jerome Clementz is the current overall leader in the inaugural Enduro World Series. With three races completed in Punta Ala, Val d’ Alos and Les Deux Alpes, he has shown professionalism and an ability to ride well in all the different types of environment and racing formats. Adding to this sucess so far, he just won the 2013 Mega Avalanche in Alpe d’Huez, France.

Jerome lining up on the Mega start line with Nicolas Lau.

Jerome is a relaxed racer, however even this year it was possible to see that he was nervous, as he looked to ascertain his position and compete at the highest level on the Enduro World Stage. After his first win of the year in Les Deux Alpes he was much more relaxed at the Mega Avalanche and was looking forward to having fun and  riding for the win. Before his qualification run, he gave us an exclusive interview and an insight into his thoughts about the Enduro World Series racing so far this year.

Video - Interview with Jerome Clementz

Jerome Clementz in Action

Jerome showed his speed as he lead the qualification race from the start.

With 300 riders following it takes a cool attitude to grab the lead and stay in control of your bike.

Jerome clear shows that the wheel size debate is less important for him as he wins on 26″ Mavic wheels.

Passing the snow sections on the Mega Avalanche should be done in a relaxed style, Jerome didn’t risk anything, just flowing across the snow patches on his way to winning.

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