Jerome Clementz Rides Secret Tuscany

Often Tuscany is better known for the classic scenes in films and cities such as Firenze (Florence) and it’s base as the start of all art since the 1700’s. However the fact that it has mountains and some of the coolest all year trail areas that we have been trying to tell the world about recently is overlooked by most people. Jerome Clementz, Ben Cruz and Andrea Bruno, basically some of the best Enduro riders around wanted to come try our trails and see whats going on.

The guys were followed these days by a filmer from 26in.fr Herve Doulat who wanted to document their travels.

Herve’s Video

Ride in Tuscany

The guys were super happy as each of them showed their skills on the different trails.

On Rock -OH it was possible to see each of their individual riding styles.

Riding each of the trails it was possible to see some pro’s try the jumps that to be honest are a bit scary for us normal riders at the moment.

In the area around the beach of Cala Violina that leads down from Poggio Sentinella is where there are numerous trails that end right by the beach. Jerome noticed a small “cliff” and thought it would be fun to scream down to the calm waters edge.

The views in the area are stunning and where ever you ride you can stop and enjoy the view.

Another stunning view on trail 36 towards Scarlino.

At the bottom of trail 36 is a castle and a wall, Jerome thought it looked like the perfect trail so he rode it…

Ben Cruz who was traveling with Jerome is probably the number 1 Enduro rider in the USA, he was ripping up the trails as well with Jerome and Andrea.

After the Bandite trail area, the riders hit Massa Marittima and The Canyon, all of them were blown away with the trail… It seems this might be one of the most original trails in Europe.

Local rider Fillipo showed how to ride the top section.

The road gap conceived by Marco Tiberi occupied the riders for a while…

Mostly though the wall rides in The Canyon were hit hard and high, with Jerome showing what is possible. After 15 corners in quick succession it was particularly impressive to think what we still can learn to do with our trails.

The Canyon was an old river that has been cleared out and made into the most bad ass trail that exists, the great thing is it can be ridden hard or gentle and all level of riders will get fun out of it.

After The Canyon the whole crew headed over to the free ride trail which ends right by the front door of Il Cicalino, imagine how it is to have the coolest free ride trail right in your back garden.

Ben Cruz was ripping it up and riding hard with all three riders doing one last run together at full speed really an amazing time.

However it didn’t stop there, after riding the group retired to the Massa Vecchia pump track to hit the jumps, with perfect precision and timing even on a trail bike for Jerome, the riders showed what it can teach you and how to ride it.

After riding each day the group were treated to the best cooking available with Puntala serving an amazing seafood dinner and Massa Vecchia serving an incredible traditional “Maremma” based meal which Ernesto Hutmacher insists and said,  “…using only the best quality ingredients as my philosophy is to fuel the body with the right things to help riders perform on the bike…”

On the way back to the airport, Ben and Jerome wanted to see a leaning tower….

We can’t forget two other riders who were with us, Ophiele David, a 4X X-Games gold medalist and amazing 4x skier, who came along with the guys and managed to ride hard with them as well. Plus Dom who is super stylish but injured himself on day one…

Thanks go to Matteo Ganora above who was amazed to be workng with Ophelie, for the pictures and Herve Doulat for the Video plus Stefan, Dom and Crystal!!!

Here you can find more pictures…

Trip Information

Location: Punta Ala and Massa Marittima, Alta Maremma, Southern Tuscany, Italy.

Nearest Airports: Pisa (1hour) Roma (1.5hours), Florence (1.5 hours).

Trails ridden: Trail number 3, The Sentinel, Rock-OH, Trail 36, Massa Marittima Freeride, The Canyon and the Massa Vecchia Pump track.

Bike centre website: https://i-mtb.superseo.store

Trail information: IMTB trail area pages

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I-MTB is an online MTB magazine and trail areas operator based in Tuscany, Italy

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