Kid’s Bike Check - Scott Spark 20 Modified

We all remember our first bike well, but this kid has something a bit special. Massa Vecchia has many riders who come to ride and bring their kids, of which some have some stunning examples of bikes that we as kids would of dreamed of having. At first glance this bike looks like a Scott Spark 20, however with a closer look the details start to stand out.

Rear disc brakes.

Maxxis rear tyre and disc brake.

Firstly the wheels have been  modified along with the rear dropout and the bike now has full on hydraulic disc brakes. The hubs have been changed and a special rear brake mount has been Cnc’d and fitted to the frame, this bike now stops quickly!

XTR rear Mech

A further look at the back end reveals an XTR rear mech, for ever so smooth changes.

Uprated rear link.

The last modifications relate to the frame, which has had an uprated link on the rear suspension added, for suspension that by our testing actually works and is smooth.

New stem.

Proper enduro bar.

Finally the bars and stem have been swapped for some proper aftermarket custom parts.

All in all a very cool ride that we would be completely happy with if it was our bike, except it doesnt come with large wheels.

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