Lapierre Overvolt E-Bike – Eurobike 2013

Lapierre as one of the leading European brands have also thrown their hat into the Ebike stadium with the 140mm full suspension Overvolt. Based on 27.5″ wheels and with a great looking chasis formed around the latest pedal assist 400w Bosch motor system, medic | ambulance it is a solid performing bike thats fun to ride.

Rear triangle formed around a single pivot.

One design feature of Ebikes that seems to be a problem for the standard chain and chain wheel is the small up front cog used. This can lower top speed but more importantly though it helps balance speed and efficiency. As part of this the Overvolt has adopted an open higher chain stay design reducing chain path and noise related issues.

Rockshox Revelation fork with remote control.

Overall the geometry is perfect for All Mountain and Enduro trails, price with the added point of being slightly easier to ride up or depending on the power mode chosen it is easier to pedal further and cover more ground on an average ride. The 400w motor should keep you moving for a few hours with the battery supplied, site but it is easy to swap batteries to a new charged one if so desired and keep going.

Video – Lapierre Presentation

Other details

Speaking to Nico Vouilloz about the E-Bike he said it is a lot of fun, but you cant ride it as fast down hill as a normal bike due to the weight. It balances the speed of pedalling within biking experience uphill and downhill.


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