Max Schumann - 650B Enduro - Bike Check.

So here is an interesting combination, 650B wheels, generic and of course the wheel size is rare at the moment, health but look also the rims are the new Syntace W35 MX wheels, on a 160mm travel chasis.

650B modified dropouts.

Riding around after him on the loose sandy soil was interesting he did seem to have extraordinary grip with his Hans Dampf tyres and the rim and wheel size combination, he was absolutely storming up climbs.

Yes 650B all mountain…

He mentioned that this bike does roll better and it was quite light as well, the Suntour shock on the back is also good enough to be used as well due to large improvements made over the last years. The frame itself has modified dropouts and is based on the 26″ frame but has some tweaks. There are only two of these frames in existence and Max has one and he seems to like it!

Special wide rims.

Performance is 95 percent in many way like a 26″ with the advantages of a 650B.

Posing at the top of a SuperEnduro trail in Punta Ala.

The most important part of the bike check… sunset beer.

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