Mega Avalanche - Women’s and Challenger Race

Saturday is race day for the Women’s Mega and for the Challenger Mega. We thought it would be good to join the Challenger race and see how it went. It was tough and the track is very long. Every type of condition and trail surface is ridden over, the start evoked fear, the views were outstanding, one of the most incredible races and rides that is possible to do.

Our race track trace on our GPS was around 18KM more or less and around 1H30Mins, we stopped where needed for pictures, this race punishes physically rider and bike.

Photo and Video Story

Over this precipice is glory, snow and pain, and maybe a winners trophy for the Mega Avalanche.

Before the girls race they line up, ready to go…

The female riders waiting for the off, which was delayed 20 min for the snow to soften slightly. They were all nervous and some actually scared.

The Challenger group lines up, helicopter covering from above.

Women’s race about to start.

Video - Challenger Race Start

The riders all screaming down the hill in the Challenger Mega race.

The snow section is about survival. Choose your method to get down the snow.

A nice bike park? Riding on top of the world.

Ride, fly, skid, it all works, just get down the mountain.

Three different options here.

Those are bike riders, not skiers on the trail, or is it a piste?

After about 4km the snow ends and a new nightmare begins, loose, sharp rocks, perfect for punctures.

This is the view that meets you, the trail cuts down the right side of the frame.

Riders often travel in trains, one mistake and you are over the edge.

We found Dan Atherton halfway down the mountain enjoying the view and walking the track.

Video - Dan Atherton Track Walk Interview

Stragglers finding their way down the slope on one of the most insane races there is.

Mistakes can happen easily though. It is also not so easy to pass.

Further down the trail, we managed to enter into the forests and down to the lake.

However after a lot of rough root covered corners and fast steep trails through the woods, riders emerge at the finish area and are meet with drink, food and a lift back to the top!

One of the most enjoyable meals that has been eaten in a while at the end of the race.

Anne Caroline Chassaun, the women’s winner, having a first ride on a 29er after the race…watch this space…


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