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Update - Race Video Online

Megavalanche 2012

Update - Race Pictures Online. 

(Photos copywright - Laurent Salino / OT Alpe d’Huez )

The race started on the glacier with the mass start which made for an interesting start for Jerome Clementz who crashing after 50 metres and finishing up in 40th position. As he got to the harder surface trail conditions improved and meant it was all work for him to get to the front. He managed to climb through the riders and made 6th position, which isn’t bad for a come back.

Riders choosing their lines, which is faster?

Back markers leaving the start, including Tom Horn who was with us the previous day, after a problem in qualification he managed to stay on his bike.

The riders lined up, in theory the glacier should be hard due to the early morning start, but this years racing has been on softer conditions that other years however the riders managed to find the firm snow and keep the speed on.

At this point of the race the riders are more spread out but the track narrows do it is harder to pass.

There are quite a few tricky S-bends to ride with an error meaning an early trip down the hill for your bike…

In all all a successful race for Remy Absalon. Jerome showed his style managing a fight back. Later we will post the video. Dan Atherton came in 3rd as he continues his enduro challenges and transition to this style of riding.

Update - Live Results coming in now…

Remy Absalon is the winner.

Live Timing - Link

Qualification Video from Dirt

More Mountain Biking VideosUpdate - Video of Qualification Run of Nicolas Vouillez

Results are in for the Ladies with Anne-Caroline Chausson Winning.

Mega Ladies Video 2012

Megavalanche Ladies 2012

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