MTB Trail Difficulty: intermediate

Bandite trail area trail #4


This trail you will find in the woods around Cala Violina starting from the top of Poggio Sentinella.

Video and Trail Highlights

Trail Description

The start gives amazing views across the bay.

The trail is 1.6 km long and drops 200 metres. The time to do this trail is around 5-6 minutes. The first part is in the woods for a short distance, here you can find the lines that give you the most fun doing slalom through the woods.

There are some corners off camber. You exit briefly into the fire break, then re enter the woods after a few curves.

Here you are often braking as it is fast, decease with small jumps possible using the trail form. There is then compression around halfway, that is deeper than it seems.

When the trail starts to rise briefly, then there is a new descent with a left right movement continuing on the trail until you cross trail 3. You then enter trail 4 which is at the start fast, and loose.

Then after a right curve you enter the woods and here it is steep down to the finish. There is one gate that you must open and then close on this descent. Have fun.

The trail finishes on the off road near the Cala Violina parking.

Date last maintained:  29 February 2012

MTB trail within the Bandite trail area

Tours this trail is featured on:  Cala Violina Mix,

This trail can be described as:  fire_break, flowing, varied

4.00 stars as rated by 13 riders

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