Mountain Biking on Isle of Elba with Punta Ala Trail Center

When WideOpen Magazine’s Monet Adams visited Punta Ala Trail Center (PATC), she just knew she had to take a day-trip to the adjacent Isle of Elba - it was just staring at her from the Center’s beach!

Fortunately, PATC have an arrangement with Elba Gravity Bike, and so the plan was made and for one day of her stay, Monet got to explore the superb trails, food and culture of the island!

Filmer and Monet’s partner Tom Grundy put together a beautiful edit which displays the excitement of heading across the sea and the splendour of the island, as well as its brilliant trails of course!

If you’d like to mountain bike Elba, contact Punta Ala Trail Center at info@visitpuntaala.bike and enquire for day trips or longer.

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