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Welcome to I-MTB magazine, impotent the aim of this Magazine is to produce quality articles and features all written by professional journalists, see to help you enjoy mountain biking more and learn about the different aspects of the sport.

The focus of our articles although based around Light Enduro/Enduro/All Mountain, will touch on many different aspects of the sport, sometimes we will even look at other extreme sports if they are related or just plain interesting.

Our authors are all respected professionals in their field of expertise, however if you the users have ideas that you want us to write about we are open to submissions. All our articles can be commented on and shared as well. If someone wants to use our text or material you should always check with us as all what we produce is copywrite I-MTB.

When we test products we will always focus on the usability and fun factor and how it enhances your riding. We wont be measuring every single technical piece and be judging them mm perfect, we will be looking at how stuff is to use in the real world. If you have experience in the camera world it will be much the same as the type of reviews found on the www.luminous-landscape.com this site always focuses on the experience rather than the tech details. It is probably the best way to approach a broad subject like reviewing items and testing without getting bogged down in detail.

Take it easy and see you all on the trails.


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I-MTB is an online MTB magazine and trail areas operator based in Tuscany, Italy

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