Energy Bike - Press Release

Energy Bike has joined I-MTB to help support trail development and electric and non-electric bicycle tourism in the Maremma area of Tuscany.

The area around Massa Marittima has over 500 Km of trails and is located in area where it is possible to ride all year due to the stable climate.

Energy Bike has been giving support for a number of years with trail development including the Massa Marittima free ride trail which can be found at the Tenuta Il Cicalino.

The idea is to further this development and also encourage long distance electric bike tours where it is possible to ride easily up to 90 Km per day or more.  One of the other advantages especially with electric bikes is the fact that it enables riders whatever their level of fitness to go further and up steeper climbs than they would normally be able to do.

Electric bikes are a great fun way to enjoy a tour and it opens up bike tourism significantly by increasing the amount of distance that can be covered on a tour for all types of riders and is an environmentally friendly method of transport.

I-MTB’s take:

“We are pleased to announce the Energy Bike support and are looking forward to working with them into the future on trail development. This also fits well with our journalistic content program which has included and will include information and tests on the electric bike market which has been growing exponentially over the last years.

We hope to bring some bike tests and background information to people and help them discover what this style of riding involves and what type of products are on the market that can be ridden off-road. Many traditional riders would be surprised what you can do with an electric pedal assist MTB, it is an exciting development in bike technology that we hope to share with all our readers.”

I-MTB is an online MTB magazine and trail areas operator based in Tuscany, Italy

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